Entry #1

Newgrounds VS Youtube

2007-07-18 08:14:07 by darkwolf7676

Youtube is better!!!!


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2007-08-26 11:01:12

dude so you know. i will always tell you if your flashes suck or not. lol i don't hold anything back.


2007-11-20 04:43:12


darkwolf7676 responds:

i couldn't write a better comment


2007-11-20 12:48:03

Yeah, I'd say youtube is better cuz theres alot more mature ppl there, not like all the mentaly retarded kids who come here to piss ppl off. Make more ICP cartoons 8)

darkwolf7676 responds:

Yeah i will be making more, I want an ICP section on newgrounds!!


2008-02-21 04:07:31

yeah i was tryin to find something on th full throttle game aswell, but nuthin has been made

did u know they wer actually making full throttle 2 for playstation? but it was cancelled wen they realised the guys who wer making it wer doing a shit job, apparently they still plan on making a sequel down the track, fuck i hope its soon


2008-10-25 16:26:34

whats up ninja i was woundering if you wuld like to make a flash out this song i made calld mary had a big ol knife its the back story of bloody mary let me know homie peash dig your work


2011-06-15 18:02:45

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2015-04-08 21:33:22

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